Praxis (HK) Charity Limited

油踐入心(香港)慈善有限公司 CR No. 2995990
Praxis (HK) Charity Limited was incorporated on 20-NOV-2020 as a Company limited by guarantee registered in Hong Kong. It's company registration number is: 2995990. The date of annual examination for this company limited by guarantee is between Nov 20 and Dec 31 upon the anniversary of incorporation. As so far the company has been running for 14 days. The company is " Live" now.
CR No.
Company Name (Traditional Chinese)
Date of Incorporation
Company Type
Company limited by guarantee
Date of Annual Examination
Nov 20 - Dec 31
Active Status
Winding Up Mode
Date of Dissolution
Register of Charges
Important Note
2020-11-21 01:36:09
Name History
Praxis (HK) Charity Limited

Under the laws of Hong Kong, a Hong Kong company is required to conduct its annual Examination on the anniversary date of incorporation of the company so as to operate legally.The company is subject to a fine of HK$300 for the late renewal more than 30 days after the anniversary of incorporation.

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